Idea to Reality

Eco-friendly houses are one of the strongest, fastest-growing segments of the building industry. The most successful buildings utilize smart designs and innovative technologies, proving that you can create dazzling, eco-friendly buildings with tight budgets, all without sacrificing style and character. But today, architects, designers, urban planners and housing authorities are increasingly interested in creating public living spaces that are cost-efficient, but also eco-friendly and beautiful to look at and live in.

Eco-friendly homes have come a long way in the last few decades, and building a green home is quickly shifting from an “alternative” way of building to the mainstream…and it’s only growing greener.

Incorporating Green Home Building Ideas

The good news is that building or living in a greener home does not mean you have to conform to the strictest requirements or make your new home LEED-certified or Zero Energy (where it is so green that it produces more energy than it uses). Dropping costs in green technology are helping to make green housing a popular investment and available to more and more homeowners. You don’t have to go “off the grid” to start incorporating green or eco-friendly benefits into homes.

At ECOhousers we offer Standard pre-designed Houses and an Integral Service Package that includes;

  •  Search and purchase of a plot of land where to build your future home.
  •  Draw and legalization of the plans of your future home.
  •  Garden and swimming pool design and construction.
  •  Apply for the building licenses.
  •  Build your future home from scrub to finish and delivery.
  •  Apply for the first occupation license.

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